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Travel related security training for our valued clients.

HEAT – Hostile Environment Awareness Training &

Kidnap Prevention Training.

flySerra recognizes that the world in which the business traveller operates is not always a safe one. In many cases, when going into under-developed countries and unsafe areas, knowledge is enough to safe-guard a high-net-worth individual or important industry player.

flySerra offers security courses aimed at preparing the traveller or company personnel to be ready, be aware, recognize unfavorable situations and avoid or handle these situations and their potential outcome.

Two main courses are offered currently. These courses can be offered online as pure theoretical courses but when possible, it would be recommended to attend an actual practical session too. Special packages are put together for business seeking group training:


HEAT – Hostile Environment Awareness Training (Click here to read more…)

Hostile Environment Awareness Training is vital for anyone working in risk-associated, politically unstable or conflict zone environments. Very often this includes threat to our business travellers and high net-worth individuals… (Click here to read more…)

Kidnap Prevention Training (Click here to read more…)

Tensho’s Kidnap Prevention Program, empowers you to understand the nature of the threat, implement Preventive Measures to reduce your risk profile and subsequently equips you with Immediate Actions  required, should an attempted abduction take place… (Click here to read more…)

flySerra partners with Tensho Security to bring you travel related security. Visit Tensho here: Tensho

Allow flySerra to empower you to be safe in your travels so that you can travel safely, effectively and according to your requirements without becoming a victim. Very often business travellers can be seen as ideal targets by ill thinkers due to their worth as well as their positions of influence. Knowledge is the power that enables one to avoid unpleasant and unwanted situations rather than dealing with undesired results. Empower yourself today so that you can travel with your mind at peace.

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