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The flySerra JetClub

It’s unique, prestigious but most importantly: it’s yours. As a member of the flySerra JetClub you are empowered to truly turn a fleet of over 800 private jets into your very own fleet.

Your benefits:

  • Browse through hundreds of private jets at your leisure, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • Obtain immediate and precise quotations, choose your own budget without any undue pressure;
  • Benefit from the best prices in the industry with Argus rated operators;
  • Find your desired aircraft at your leisure, request it and then let flySerra do the work;
  • Enjoy specials in the form or free ground transfers, catering and much more;
  • Receive the flySerra Newsletter keeping you up to date with the industry and related information.

How do I do this?

  • Apply to be a member of the flySerra JetClub;
  • Once accepted, you will receive a membership card;
  • At anytime that suits you, access the members only area and start browsing for aircraft at your leisure;
  • Request the aircraft and rate of your choice;
  • flySerra will finalize and you?
  • You fly!

How much does a membership cost?

  • The flySerra JetClub Membership has a yearly fee of USD 195.00 per year as a management fee;
  • Nothing else, that is it.

Why wait? Join the Elite, join now: Coming Soon!

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