Kidnap Prevention Training Program

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Kidnap Prevention Training Program

In this case, Prevention is definitely better than Cure!

In collaboration with Tensho, flySerra offers you advanced and critical security training.

Tensho’s Kidnap Prevention Program, empowers you to understand the nature of the threat, implement Preventive Measures to reduce your risk profile and subsequently equips you with Immediate Actions  required, should an attempted abduction take place.

This methodology is derived from Tensho’s bodyguard training techniques which aims to change your mind-set when planning trips to known problem areas. Similar to how a professional bodyguard would provide protection to a high profile individual, the principles and fundamentals remain unchanged for your own planning in your and your fellow travelers respect.


  • Strategies to protect yourself, your family and your fellow travelers
  • Techniques to identify a potential threat in your immediate surroundings
  • Effective plan to avoid potential threats
  • What to do if someone tries to kidnap you or any person accompanying you
  • Critical steps to follow if you or any of your fellow travelers are taken to ensure a speedy rescue
  • Questions and Answers

This is sadly a reality in many travel areas, a reality that needs to be taken seriously.

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