Bush Air Charter Destinations

flySerra Private Jet Charters and Bush Charters

Bush Air Charter Destinations

What is available? Where can you fly to? How do you get there?

Currently, fly Serra offers Bush Air Charter Destinations as follows:

  • From North America, Europe, Eastern Europe or China to any destination in Africa – direct;
  • From Southern Africa to any destination in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As long as there is an airstrip we will get you there. If there is no airstrip but there is one in enough proximity to accommodate your trip, we will get you there.

Why not plan your African adventure today? To request a Bush Air Charter Service, kindly go to: Bush Charter.

Featured Destinations

The Okvango Delta

One of the most beautiful places on earth is now available through flySerra. Your route could take you from anywhere in the world directly to the Delta via Private Jet, or you could fly to either Johannesburg, Windhoek or Gaborone to then embark onto one of our Bush Charters which will take you straight to your lodge in the heart of the Delta.
Though the Delta offers year round safari activities, the best time to visit if you would like to witness the “coming to life” of the rain season and all related water activities (explore by canoe), then June to August is high water season. This season also sees many animals make their way to the Delta and the famed herds are easily seen.