Study Materials

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To download the study materials click on the links below. These will open as Pdf files which you can then save to your computer:

Please note that the files are quite large and thus take some time to open.



CCAR91 (En) (796 kb)

CAAC 61 (En) (465 kb)


ATP Questions:

Please note, the Pdf files are quite large and you need to allow enough time for the Pdf to load before trying again. (Depends on your connection speed).

The four files below are the most recent files used by candidates studying for the Chinese ATP. You can expect approximately 60% of the questions to come from these files. The rest are generally from the CAAC Regulations and Laws as included above.

ATP Vol 1 (89 Mb)

ATP Vol 2 (95 mb)

ATP Vol 3 (90 Mb)

ATP Vol 4 (101 Mb)


The following files contain CAAC reference materials used up to and including 2015/6. All of the questions in here are still deemed relevant and are in accordance with FAA test prep. It is advised that you use the questions above for study and read through these to ensure you will be well prepared:

ATPL_Study_Materials_A_REGULATIONS (395 Kb)

ATPL_Study_Materials_B (21 Mb)

ATPL_Study_Materials_C (26 Mb)

ATPL_Study_Materials_D (27 Mb)