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flySerra Private Jet and air Charters, offering various aircraft types for air charter.

Aircraft Types for Air Charter Services

Worldwide Business Jet or Private Jet charter services with flySerra. Let us consult you on aircraft types for air charter.

Private Jets

Business Jets (Private Jets) offer speed, comfort and the possibility to reach just about any destination in the world on your schedule as and when needed for your air charter services requirements.  From short to intercontinental routes, from the single passenger to a group, these aircraft are the aircraft of choice for medium to long range air charter services when you need privacy, a good rest or work environment or you simply need to meet your itinerary which a regular scheduled carrier cannot meet.
Capacity: 1 – 50 passengers
Range: short – intercontinental
Cabin standard: basic – luxury
Bush Charter and bush flying safaris in Africa with flySerra offering various aircraft types for air charter..

Light to Medium Aircraft

flySerra uses these aircraft for Air Taxi and Bush Charter operations as they offer the possibility of carrying individuals or small groups into generally inaccessible bush strips while offering comfort and speed. Going to visit a bush lodge in the Okavango Delta or some other major game reserve? Need to get there avoiding the possible pit falls of local roads? Need air charter services? These aircraft offer you the ideal bridge from your main airport of arrival to your bush lodge or reserve of choice.
Capacity: 1 – 20 passengers
Range: short to medium
Cabin standard: basic – luxury
Group charter and airline aircraft charter on aircraft types for air charter is available through flySerra Private Jet and Air Charter brokers.

VIP Airliners

When large groups need air charter services to move over medium to long distances, nothing beats an airliner. Most passengers are well familiarized with airliners having at some time or other flown in one of at minimum seen one. flySerra offers the possibility of arranging large group charter on airliners ranging from small (Embraer 145) to Medium (Boeing 737, Airbus A319) to the very large (Boeing 747, Airbus A330). These aircraft can be configured as high density passenger aircraft or luxury VIP aircraft.
Capacity: 1-300+ passengers
Range: short – intercontinental
Cabin standard: economy – luxury
If you are unsure about aircraft types for air charter services, then simply leave that to the experts and all you need to do, is to dream how you would like to fly and flySerra will fit the dream to your needs.
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